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Great Place to Work

Safe, supportive workplace

Our responsibility is to work with all our people to inspire trust, pride, motivation and job satisfaction through a work and learning environment that is safe, productive, supportive and engaging.

Safety First

Our vision is to be the UK's safest bakery business. The Safety First initiative promotes health and safety standards, activity and performance. Over the last three years, the percentage of people suffering a lost time injury has fallen by more than two-thirds.

We're developing a leadership team whose behaviour reflects the importance of safety, health and wellbeing, and who are advocates for Safety First.

On the road

We treat our drivers as professionals, trained and skilled in all aspects of their work. Our logistics infrastructure is designed to deliver great customer service while minimising risk of road traffic and personal injury accidents.

Our fleet operations have received awards from road safety charity Brake for initiatives including driver training and early adoption of the Department for Transport Certificate of Professional Competence Scheme.

Engaging our people

Our annual employee survey measures progress in creating a great place to work. It's a key driver of our business success as it gives everyone the chance to participate in creating local improvement plans that lead to change and increased engagement.

We have a Continuous Improvement (CI) philosophy that helps create an environment where individuals and teams continually improve performance and their workplace. CI helps develop leadership skills and an understanding of team-based productivity improvement techniques.

Skills development through site learning centres provides relevant workplace training. For example, Allied Bakeries West Bromwich is partnering with a local college to deliver numeracy, literacy and communication skills, a bespoke bakery operatives' apprenticeship scheme and an engineers' development programme.

Leadership training includes working in a cross-divisional team with a charitable organisation to deliver a critical strategic project for the charity. Graduate recruitment and development support our talent pipeline, from rigorous assessment through to structured training programmes that build a cadre of talented people.

An independent, confidential Employee Assistance Programme supports our people and their families with issues such as health and well being information, stress, finances and legal advice.