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Our Values

Our Brands

We're the people who make top 10 UK grocery brand Kingsmill as well as Allinson’s and Sunblest.

Kingsmill 50/50 is made from a specially selected blend of white and wholemeal flours and is the top selling brand of what we refer to as ‘healthier white’ bread. Most people in the UK don’t eat enough fibre which is why we’re baking as many loaves as possible that provide a source of fibre while still appealing to those people who prefer the taste and texture of white bread.

Our bakeries have always been deeply rooted in their local communities and in 2021 Kingsmill built on this with the ‘Slice of Kindness’ programme. This initiative encompasses a range of initiatives in support of our communities, our health and the planet building from the enormous efforts our teams went to in order to ensure that people across the UK had access to bread during the worst period of the pandemic when food supplies ran low in parts of the country.


Since 2016, our bakeries have been working with the food redistribution charity FareShare, and in 2020 alone we donated the equivalent of more than 2.1 million meals to them and other community groups close to our bakeries’ hearts, helping those most in need as people were forced to self-isolate during the pandemic.

In August of 2021 we announced a partnership with Save the Children in which Kingsmill is pledging to give a minimum of £150K to support UK community initiatives such as early years grant for families who were pushed into poverty and further hardship during the pandemic. The grants support families’ immediate needs, alleviating some of the financial pressures and stressors associated with poverty, and providing opportunities for children to play and learn at home. Our bakeries are also continuing the great work they’ve always done in their local communities.


Supporting the nation’s health through Kingsmill 50/50 is what we do, and this year has seen the launch of two delicious market firsts: 50/50 Multi-Seed and 50/50 Multi-Seed No Bits. We want more people to eat fibre which is why we have signed the Food and Drink Federation’s fibre pledge and are working hard to make it even easier for people to make healthy choices every day.


And finally, as part of our commitment to be kind to the planet, we announced in 2021 that we were the first bakery brand to run an extended trial with 30% advanced recycled content in our Kingsmill No Crusts 50/50 bread bags, helping to reduce the amount of new plastic that has to be created.

You can read more about our brands and the products we make, by visiting our brand websites: Kingsmilland Allinson’s.