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Responsible Business

Being a responsible business

For us, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is about recognising the impact a company has on its stakeholders, whether they are employees, shareholders, customers, consumers or the communities in which they operate. In short, it's about being a responsible business.

People today care increasingly about CR in their work and personal lives, and in their buying decisions. They want to work for, buy from and deal with responsible businesses that have a planned, proactive approach to sustainability and care of all the planet's resources. Consumers, customers, suppliers and local communities expect big companies to act in a responsible way, giving them brands they can trust.

At Allied Bakeries, our vision is to be such a business. There are several strands to our CR agenda, each of which is important to the way we conduct our business:

Environment: recognising and reducing the impact our business has on the environment, from emissions and energy use to minimising waste and reducing road miles.

Ethical trading: behaving in an ethical way, using properly sourced sustainable resources where practicable and working with customers and suppliers to comply with good, fair trading practices.

Great place to work: creating an environment where personal safety, engagement, trust, respect, learning and responsibility combine to enable our people to live our set of values every day.

Health and wellbeing: baking wholesome, tasty bread and labelling our products with clear nutrition information to allow consumers to make informed choices.

Measuring our responsibility

As a business within the Associated British Foods group of companies, we feature in the Associated British Foods plc ABF CR report.