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Allied Bakeries & Speedibake



Allied Bakeries and Speedibake sit within ABF’s Grocery Group and form part of ABF Grain Products Limited. This is the second year of reporting the results as one entity.

Work continues across both businesses to create environments where our people can bring their whole self to work and achieve without barriers, and through understanding our employee voice we can create those moments to support this aim.

Over the last year:

  • Our I&D Group continues to strengthen with multiple activities across a wide range of topics including Black History Month, Ramadan, International Women’s Day and Pride to celebrate and raise awareness.
  • We have sought to understand our employee voice through an employee wide survey which gave us great insight and pleasingly demonstrated an overall engagement score of 69%.
  • The survey told us that balancing work and family commitments is important and we have implemented improvements in both maternity and adoption leave provision alongside the introduction of a fertility support policy.
  • Our work with Mental Health First Aiders at sites continues through expansion of numbers, training and opportunity.
  • We have commenced roll out of Unconscious Bias training for managers and discussion workshops for employees to start the conversation around this topic; this will continue to run into the coming year.
  • Key speaker events have been run to raise awareness of challenges experienced within minority groups.
  • Alongside the delivery of Menopause Advocate sessions, as part of International Women’s Day we offered online menopause awareness training for all employees and their family members.


We look forward to continuing our journey, using data from the survey to continue to build our approach to Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging.


The gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly pay of men and women. Various factors influence the gap such as the types of role women undertake and the demographics of the people in the company. This gender pay gap is different from equal pay, equal pay is where men and women are not paid different rates of pay for performing the same or similar role.


  • The mean pay gap is the difference between average hourly earnings of men and women
  • The median pay gap is the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of hourly earnings of men and women. It takes each person’s pay and lines them up in order from lowest to highest and compares the pay at the midpoint.



Our population is made up as follows

Allied Bakeries Speedibake Total %
Men 1,991 279 2,270 83.2%
Women 381 77 458 16.8%
Total 2,372 356 2,728


Over the last year Speedibake have increased their number of employees across both male and female, offset by reductions in Bakeries, therefore overall for the group our headcount has decreased.



Mean - The mean gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women

Median - The median pay gap is the difference between midpoints in the range of hourly pay for men and women, it takes each person’s pay, lines them up from lowest to highest, then compares the pay at the midpoint.


Male female icon

Mean Gender Pay Gap is -9.3% - the mean figure is biased towards women; this is reflective of the fact that our front line roles which are generally lower paid are predominantly carried out by men.

Female male icon

Median Gender Pay Gap is 2.7% - at the midpoint, women’s pay is 2.7% lower than that of men at the midpoint.

Bonus Pay Gap

Mean Bonus Pay-23.6%

Median Bonus Pay-274.8%

% Employees Receiving a BonusMale11.1% Female 18.1%

Overall a higher percentage of women received a bonus than men; our bonus number is made up of loyal service awards and recruitment bonuses as well as a company incentive plan. There is a higher number of men in the business who have received the loyal service or recruitment bonus which is of a lower value than the incentive plan and drives the median bonus pay gap which is not reflective of the ’real gap’. Removing these gives a mean bonus pay gap of 8%.



Pay Quartiles

% of Employees in each pay quartile

Male Female
Upper Quartile 79.3% 20.7%
Upper Middle Quartile 89.9% 10.1%
Lower Middle Quartile 84.0% 16.0%
Lower Quartile 79.6% 20.4%



To view the full ABF Grain Products Ltd published statement, please follow this link.